Dr Fenglei Zhou

Senior Researcher Fellow at CMIC, Department of Computer Scienc, &  Department of Pharmaceutics
University College London

I studied Textiles at Qingdao University (China), where I obtained my BSc in 2003 and MSc in 2006, and then moved to the University of Manchester (UoM) for my PhD funded by an ORS award. I received my PhD in Dec. 2009. From Feb. 2010 I started working as a research associate in the Centre for Imaging Sciences (UoM) and in Feb. 2015 was promoted to a research fellow. From Jun. 2019, I got a position of senior research fellow at UCL where I conduct my research in close collaboration with research groups led by Prof. Geoff Parker in CMIC and Prof. Gareth Williams in School of Pharmacy.

I have general research interests in electrohydrodynamics and polymer materials, with special interests in electrospinning, electrospraying, and novel applications of electrospun/electrosprayed nanofibres/nanoparticles. In the past ten years, I have participated in two large and collaborative research projects funded by EU FP7, EPSRC & CRUK, in which I pioneered the development of tissue-mimicking diffusion MRI phantoms by technologies of electrospinning and electrospraying. The developed MR phantoms have won recognition in MR community and have been used in ten world-leading University research groups in the UK, Europe and the USA including Oxford, UCL and ICL. 


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